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Welcome to Common Sense Manufacturing, Inc. Home for all your common sense farming and ranching needs.

Necessity was certainly the mother of invention for Kelly Melius of rural Faulkton. In 2000, Melius had been farming with his father, Roger, for twelve years and knew he needed to start supplementing his farm income. There just wasn't enough land for both he and his father to operate. This began Common Sense Manufacturing, Inc. in Fall 2000 with only one type of product in its inventory - Melius's unique style of bale feeder. Frustrated with the low quality and durability of many bale feeders he had seen, Melius decided to create his own.

This bale feeder, which holds the hay up off the ground, was such a hit that Melius went through the time and trouble, about two years, to get it patented. The distinctive design allows calves to eat from the bottom of the feeder rather than being unable to reach the hay or even getting caught in the middle of a traditional feeder.

The creation of his innovative bale feeder led Melius to design other useful products for farmers and ranchers, including feed bunks, calf shelters, windbreak, hydraulic wire winders, and fencing products. All of the products made by Common Sense are extremely heavy-duty and come with five-year warranties for breakage. "We want our products to last a long time," Melius says. "My products are very practical and I know they work well because I use them too."






Common Sense Ingenuity

At Common Sense Mfg our motto is “Quality That Just Makes Sense.” That motto is what this family-owned business was founded on. The company was started due to our need for livestock products that were strong enough to stand up to the everyday use and abuse of farming and ranching in our own operation. Common Sense products are manufactured with heavy steel designed to maximize the efficiency of the user. Common Sense Mfg is a leader in the innovation of unique products that are stronger, more portable and promote better feeding habits than other products on the market.